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why do we bachelors are not given houses or rooms on rent? what is my fault ?

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I m a student of a reputed govt college and wants to my project in a reputed defence organisation . I m not quoting any names as it a big and a common issue faced by youth of india daily. Actually to do project i need to shift to the place of organisation and so i need a rented house along with my friends ( who will also be doing the projects). But for the past 45 days i am unable to get a rented house do  to a common reason given by owners NO BACHELORS ALLOWED. I mean seriously is this a reason? are bachelors some sort of criminals? or should we do child marriage to get a rented house? I have been getting such reasons for denial everywhere, they say bachelors create nusaince , they are bad, they come late , they drink , they smoke etc. Who gave the right to judge me on such pity grounds though i m not indulged in such activites how can they say to a bachelors such creep things. even though anyone dies so Is it illegal to drink smoke and come late ??? Actually how can someone deny on such grounds who gave them right to discrimate us. I got more pathetic reasons non veg eater not allowed, no muslim allowed, no hindu allowed , etc seriously i mean is the New India we want to see. So i want to raise the issue directly to the honourable Prime Minister as he has a vision of NEW INDIA and that too with the help of youth. Sir how can the youth work if such type of thinkings stay in India its killing the future and without house how can one live and how will he do job??? So sir i want to make you aware of the biggest problem a youth faces when he moves out for job in a new city of india everyone is denying bachelors house . Should we do child marriage so that they will allow us??? before doing job should we have our own family?? many many questions need to be answered inorder bring a New India sir. I think you will surely look into the matter and i ask for full public support. Thank You

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