Voters are Cheated post Elections

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Voters in Maharashtra exercised their voting rights. Each voter is very thoughtful voter who votes with specific expectations. He expects that his candidate representing a political party will satisfy the expectations of the voters and nation based on the ideology of that political party. Voter also expects other political parties that he didn't vote to lose so that their agenda is not furthered. So essentially voter votes for win and lose both.

Before elections BJP and Shiv Sena had alliance to form government. Voters voted for that combination. Based on seats won, majority voted for this combination. But post elections political bickering started for reasons unknown to voters or at best some reasons given by Shiv Sena, suddenly Shiv Sena declared to form government with alliance of Congress and NCP. This is cheating. Gross injustice to voters who now feel helpless. Each voter wants to recall his vote but unable to do so as there is no such system. Hence he wants the election commission or supreme court to intervene and stop this unholy alliance and hold re-elections if parties in prepoll alliance fail to compromise. This is only a fair way out of a dead lock.

There cannot be trading of votes and voters trust. Vote is given for specific reasons and specific candidate for specific purpose and is not transferable. The outcome of elections cannot be changed by whims and fancies of the political parties without consent of the voters.