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Prime Minister Turnbull,  why did you negotiate this toxic trade deal with Mr. Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia?  You said,  

"We in return will eliminate tariffs of pesticides and herbicides coming from Indonesian suppliers to put them on an equal footing with out [sic] other major trading partners".  

PM Turnbull @

You should know that in 2014,  Petition No. 833/1300 was tabled in the federal parliament calling for a: 

Royal Commission into the Use of Pesticides and Harm to Public Health

You should know that we are deeply concerned about the adverse health effects of the  relentless spraying of toxic pesticides in public places so why are you facilitating the importation of these poisons?  You made a big mistake. You got this terribly wrong. This deal is not on our behalf and it must be renegotiated even if we lose the deal. 

You should know that Australians continue to be involuntarily poisoned by carcinogenic, foetotoxic, genotoxic, teratogenic, endocrine disrupting  and neurotoxic pesticides such as Glyphosate, Fluazifop,  Quizalofop, MCPA, Clopyralid, Diflufenican, Metribuzin, Simazine, Bromoxynil, Dicamba, Metsulfuron Atrazine, Hexazinone, Propon, Paraquat, Mancozeb and many more.

The sprays are everywhere, on our roadsides, railway reserves, lane ways, footpaths, kerbs, medians, parks, playgrounds, sports fields, coastal dunes, rose gardens and school ovals.

 It is not in our interest to be at even greater risk of pesticide related illnesses such as Childhood Brain Tumours, Birth Defects, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Depression and Pesticide Illness with its Flu-like symptoms. 

From the poisoning with 2,4, 5-T herbicide of indigenous Kimberley weeders in Western Australia, decades ago,  to the current poisoning of our urban communities with a cocktail of toxic pesticides,  we continue to call for a  Royal Commission.

No politician has a mandate to poison our land and its inhabitants with pesticides. Your trade deals result in the "lawful" dumping of these poisons on our land and communities. Exporting food and importing poisons is not fair trade!


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