COVID-19: increased access to screening and more detailed positive case reporting

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COVID-19 can potentially be the most lethal pandemic in world history.  Effective management of this public health crisis by government leaders is absolutely essential.  Faced with an earlier onset of viral outbreak, the Republic of Korea and its government have demonstrated such effectiveness - and many international governments are seeking assistance and guidance to help with their home nation's current COVID-19 epidemic.

It is the aim of this petition to IMMEDIATELY urge Prime Minister Trudeau and all Canadian provincial and territorial premiers to seek guidance from the Republic of Korea on 2 specific COVID-19 management strategies:

(1) Increased access for Canadians to COVID-19 screening centres - to date the Republic of Korea has screened no less than 250,000 people for COVID-19.  Effective management of this epidemic in Canada cannot begin without a determination of what percentage of our population are positively infected with the virus.  If lack of testing equipment and supplies is a major issue, government leaders should authorize immediate production and/or procurement of COVID-19 testing kits.

(2) More detailed reporting on COVID-19 positive patients - the Republic of Korea has not only released COVID-19 infection and death numbers to the public, but also details about how each patient contracted the infection (including time, date and location) and how the patient is being treated after being diagnosed.  While maintaining personal privacy for infected individuals, this additional data will prove to be tremendously beneficial in allowing the public to employ more effective social distancing and social isolation measures.