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change canadian vetting process

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This petition has been made with the aim and focus of improving the current vetting process in Canada, for any refugee and immigrant seeking to reside in Canada. The ways in which the current vetting process needs to be improved are the following.....First off, before they even get to Canada, any refugee or immigrant coming to Canada needs to enter through a legal border crossing before any vetting process can begin.  Next, every single refugee or immigrant should be put through the identical vetting process, with no exceptions. Each of their names and passports should be studied and looked into for possible past criminal activity, and any affiliation with that of terrorist organizations, ( Isis, Cair, Hamas,M.S.A ), since this is at present time of great concern. Once that is done, questions should be asked as to why the refugee or immigrant want to become Canadian. All those who are only here to spread their own religion and ideology, especially that of Islam and Sharia, and those whom are at a high risk of committing terrorist activities should be turned back immediately.  Also, all immigrants and refugees should be screened to ascertain whether they plan to assimilate into our country, and become fully Canadian or their goal is to implement their own religion, laws and punishments. Next, there should be a mandatory language learning program that will teach them the main languages of Canada being that of English and French and also to teach those who are illiterate, how to read and write. They should also be taught the history of Canada, our values, morals and obviously the Canadian Law and that of the Criminal Code of Canada itself. A test should be given at the end, to see whether the immigrant and refugees seeking residency in Canada truly understand what it means to become a Canadian Citizen. Each refugee or immigrant, either individual or family, must be followed regularly to ascertain the truth as to why they have come to our country. While waiting for the vetting process to be completed, and while it is being conducted, all immigrants and refugees should remain in refugee camps appointed by our Canadian government, and they should be taught how to go about looking and applying for employment. They should also be taught the skills necessary to obtain employment here in Canada and take appointed classes in any skills needed.  Anyone who does not plan to work must be told they will be immediately deported unless they obtain from a Canadian doctor, a note stating that they have a disability which renders them unable to work. Otherwise, there is no incentive for these immigrants to work and build up a household of their very own. And the payments per child and food stamps, along with any other benefits should also be rechecked and capped, as some use that money not for its intended purpose but instead to further their own cause and agenda. Life should definitely not be made easier for immigrants and refugees, then it is for the average Canadian citizen. In closing I would like to reiterate the importance of a change to the present vetting process, even though it may cost a little more to implement. Please consider what i have said in my petition, and sign your name to show Prime Minister Trudeau as well as his government officials that Canadian Citizens are aware that the present vetting process is presently just not enough to deter any form of illegal or even terrorist activity from happening here in our peaceful country of Canada.  I truly believe that the more refugees and immigrants allowed into our country, the bigger troubles we will have if they have not gone through the proper vetting channels, and unfortunately all of Canada will suffer greatly.

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