A Call to Restrict Non-Essential Ferry Travel

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Ok so... Like many of us, I'm extremely upset and irritated by the multiple reports on social media, TV and the radio of large numbers of travellers coming to Vancouver Island (and surrounding areas) this Easter long weekend by way of B.C. Ferries. 

It is blaringly obvious that too many people are selfishly ignoring and disregarding  the rules set out from both levels of government to STAY HOME!!  This needs to be restricted and heavily enforced or more people are going to get sick and potentially die.

Vancouver Island has some of the oldest and most vulnerable populations in not only B.C., but all of Canada and we do NOT have the health care facilities or resources to deal with an outbreak of COVID-19.

Our senior citizens, special needs and long term care facilities, the homeless and health care staff of all levels need to be protected.  This can only be done if everyone stays in their homes and on their own properties.  

Effective immediately, order and allow B.C. ferries to turn away all services to any non-essential traveler on every route and set up check points on major roads to ensure people are staying put.  If your license does not match the home... YOU DO NOT GO THERE!!!

Enough is enough.

Please sign and share if you are local and agree.  


A very concerned and frustrated citizen