Prime Minister Theresea May must make way for Boris Johnson due to the Windrush Scandal.

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Whether the process to destroy the Windrush  landing cards was done in June of 2009  or  the final decision  to destroy those cards was done in October 2010.The windrush generation should be properly apologize to and compensated for threats of deportation . Calling for the head of the current home secretary Amber Rudd who assume office  July 13 2016 is fooish.Blame should be at the current Prime Minister Theresa May feet. She was Home Secretary  May 12  2010-July 13 2016 . It was under her watch anti immigration sentiments grew. I have no problems with clamping down on illegal immigration. But I have a problem with deporting persons who were asked to come to Britain and help building it .I have a problem  with persons born and grow in Britain being deported   


We the people of the british commonwealth are calling on the Tories to sack their leader Theresea May. She does not represent the real values of conservatism.We the people of the commonwealth don't feel she's the right person to lead us in this era of Brexit. We the people of the commonwealth are more confident with Boris Johnson as the leader of our commonwealth.Boris Johnson will give real priority to the commonwealth with regard to trade and  lift the restriction of the freedom of movement citizens of Commonwealth to Britain .