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Fire Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. British Public are sick of your constant "gaffes"!

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Professional buffoon, Boris Johnson needs to be removed from public office!  

Boris Johnson disrespects Sikh in a Gurdwara! (Jagmeet Singh, UK)

After disrespecting millions of Sikhs around the world with insensitive and insulting comments at a Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) the British public are saying enough is enough and are trying to defuse this ticking time bomb!  

We the British public are sick and tired of his abhorrent antics, utter disregard for accountability, continuous, unforgivable "gaffes" which have turned him into an  international joke and worst of all his big fat, bold faced lies, lies, lies!

BoJo is a liability and a public relations nightmare.  

He has made racist accusations towards former US President Barack Obama saying he has an "ancestral dislike of the British empire" because of his "part-Kenyan" heritage.  He's even gone as far as comparing the ambitions of the EU with those of Adolf Hitler!  Which is understandably disrespectful to the Jewish community and unacceptable to respectable people over the world. 

He is not respected internationally, as even former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt tweeted he "wished it was a joke" when learning of BoJo's appointment as Foreign Secretary!

It's well known Boris piggybacked on the Leave campaign for his own personal political advancement, at the very detriment of the county he swore to serve and now his Brexit convictions are very uncertain and put him at constant odds with PM Theresa May.

He simply can not be trusted! 

We the British public are being played by Theresa May as she is keeping one of her biggest political enemy close in a Machiavellian masterstroke.   BoJo is nothing more than a scapegoat for when inevitably May turns Brexit into the disaster we all hope it won't be.   

PM Theresa May wants to play her Brexit hand close to the chest and not let on her motives known until absolutely necessary and he does not even know who is sitting at the table being oblivious to the actual players of the EU. 

He has a proven track record of incompetence!

In 2008 he promised to have staff man all ticket offices at every station, but instead he lied and closed every single one of London's ticket offices!  He also said he would decrease the cost of transport fares, which turned out to be another lie to the British public as fares ended up rising by well over 4%!

You can't trust what he says or even writes as he is the same man that had printed in The Daily Telegraph "I cannot stress too much that Britain is part of Europe, and always will be.” AFTER leading the Leave campaign full of lies.

Nigel Farage has done the Nation a favour and disappeared, it's high time, Johnson does the same!

BoJo has a verifiable history of fallacious half truths and stone cold lies. 

In 2012 as then Mayor of London, he vowed to totally eradicate homeless people sleeping on the streets vowing to find them safe accommodation.  However, in his tenure the problem of rough sleeping doubled!  This is a shameful way to treat the most venerable among us.  

With the eyes of the world on him, BoJo should keep a more guarded check on his colourful language and embarrassing antics.  He's alienated and antagonised Italian economic development minister Carlo Calenda by postulating if Prosecco sales or fish and chips would fair better post-Brexit!

He's been called "unbelievable arrogant" in his dealing with Turkey after first bashing them for potentially sending masses of immigrants to the UK then offering to help them into the EU. 

 After getting into a heated scrap with then Presidential nominee Donald Trump in which both stooped to childish name calling, causing international embarrassment to the UK.  He told top European leaders to cease their "collective whinge-o-rama" about the same incumbent President and didn't bother showing up to EU meetings on how to deal with future relationships with the United Sates. 

When he was asked about the freedom of movement of people in the EU as a founding principle, he said it was "Bullsh*t"!

He also lied to a Czech reporter by saying the UK "probably" would leave the customs union. This is not true as Theresa May has a "no running commentary on Brexit" rule so the Government has no firm decision. 

He has even exhibited racist behaviour by disrespecting the entire continent of Africa by calling it a country in his official conference speech.  So unfit for purpose, he could not even recognise the Commonwealth Flag when questioned by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. 

Many EU ambassadors are growing increasingly frustrated over constant confused signals from BoJo especially when trying to decode his posh toff speech.   

Goldman Sachs analysts predict our Nation will go through a recession in 2017, our pound is still at a 31 year low against the US dollar, and Banks are still facing instability but BoJo delivers another bold faced lie to the unsuspecting British people saying "People's pensions are safe, the pound is stable, the markets are stable, I think that is all very good news."  He simply does not live in the same reality as the rest of us!

He spent countless weeks trying to convince our Nation that we needed to “take back control” of our own financial futures and Europe could not be trusted and now as Foreign Secretary states Great Britain will be and should be part of the European single market.

Good people of Great Britain the time to rid ourselves of the parasite that is BoJo is now!   You know as well as I do he is the Prime-Minister-in-waiting and we can not afford to suffer 5 years with him steering our ship!

(All the facts stated above can be verified in well researched articles written about Bogus BoJo!) 

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