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The Rules and Internal Policies of all the DRDO/ISRO Centres has to be Standardised.

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Rules and Internal policies of all the DRDO/ISRO has to be Standardized. I have experienced working with 2 ISRO Centres for about 15 Months and SASE a DRDO Centre of 2 Years. Internal policies handled by 2 different organizations are completely different. The fact is poor & hidden policies are being handled by SASE, DRDO (can Call it a failure module) while good and transparent policies are being handled by Centres like RRSC-W, IIRS, NESAC are some ISRO Centres I have experienced with. This looks like its not a big problem for a common man. But it matters when comes to the Country's growth and economic status, providing employment to citizens of the country.

Directors of these organizations have the authority over mobilization of funds in acquiring manpower, equipments, Contract Aided Research, Hiring of Research Scholars. Due to the size of organization responsibilities are being split by the director to different scientists in the name of Associate, Joint Directors, Deputy & Assistant Directors. The viral of 'corruption' about DRDO organizations spreading on media, while few are being alleged for corruption, the policies  being handled by the DRDO organizations literally have no sense and ultimately no result or profit coming out while ISRO R&D Centres are successful in terms of profit and results with Disaster Mitigation & Management using Space technology. 

Because of the inefficiency and handicapped-ness of DRDO Centres, Many projects are being failed,  inefficient equipments are being allowed to deliver by Suppliers, poor contractors take the L1 with the link of local officers working int the organizations. Scientists, Research Scholars etc., hired are getting humiliated, frustrated and automatically getting outdated. This should have a solution, as research is the ultimate backbone of nation building.

My Suggestion is Regional CEOs has to appointed coupling DRDO & ISRO Centres - who are having equal powers of Chairman, DG & Scientific Secretary of DRDO/ISRO. They should regulate the policies, support the people working for the organization as well as flush out the negative mentality of employees that may arise due to self in-efficiencies, inferiorities and support by counsellings and career guidance programmes.

I have discussed many times to concern authorities to do so. But nobody want to take responsibility or interest and want to secure their chairs and promotions. Dear friends, citizens of India please help me raising the voice to promote our Country's Economy and Growth.

Apple not being eaten on time! Rotten apple has no value! Please give hands to raise the voice so that it can reach the concern authority in the Democratic India.

Please Sign my petition.

We never had precautions. At-least we should have solutions!

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