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Tackle the causes of hunger by taking action to stop tax dodgers

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As explained by Bill Nighy's petition to the UK Prime Minister:

Stories of large companies avoiding tax have been splashed across our news, but these tax dodgers have a far greater impact beyond our shores. Tax dodging corporations are depriving the world’s poorest countries of billions of dollars they could use to feed their people.

Each night one in eight people goes to bed hungry and every ten seconds a child dies because of malnutrition.

Every country must work together to end the global problem of tax dodging. This month the [UK] Prime Minister will lead a summit of world leaders at the G8 in the UK -- this is the perfect opportunity to tackle companies avoiding tax.

I've seen the devastation that hunger causes to communities in my position as an Oxfam Ambassador. That's why we have started a petition on calling on David Cameron to take action on tax at this month's G8 and ensure large companies don't make the poorest suffer. [The Canadian petition is addressed to PM Stephen Harper, as Canada's representative at the G8 summit.]

If David Cameron is serious, he has to start by getting UK tax havens - which are responsible for billions of lost tax - into line. That means forcing them to share tax information with the poorest countries, so they get the money that is fairly owed to them and which they can use to make sure their people have enough food to eat.

And if the G8 are serious, they'd also make a promise to get rid of the secrecy that allows rich individuals to hide behind phantom firms. Nobody should be able to hide from the tax man.

As a supporter of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign, I know that David Cameron has a unique opportunity to tackle the causes of hunger - like tax dodging - at the G8 summit. And because the G8 is in the UK this year, people from the UK have a unique opportunity to persuade him to do so. [The people of Canada have a similar opportunity to persuade PM Stephen Harper to add his - and Canada's - voice to do so.]

If enough people add their name to our petition we'll be able to send a strong message on what’s most important -- giving some of the poorest people in the world a fighting chance of life. Please join us and call on [Stephen Harper] to take strong action on companies that avoid tax at next month's G8.

Thank you,
Bill Nighy

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister
There is enough food for everyone in the world but every night 1 in 8 people go to bed hungry and every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger.

This is the silent scandal and injustice of our age - and it's one that the UK is creating and allowing.

By exploiting tax loopholes, corporations are depriving the world’s poorest countries of billions of dollars they could use to feed their people.

On June 17th, you and other G8 leaders have a chance to clamp down on tax dodging and the other causes of hunger to save millions of lives.

Not taking action will have massive consequences. It would mean the poorest countries won't have the money they need to feed their people, and so millions of people will continue to die needlessly from hunger.

I know hunger causes devastation to communities. I am backing a call on the Prime Minister to ensure progress is made on tax at the G8 summit, as part of a wider push to make sure we live in a world where everyone has enough food. Please join us.
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