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Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Make it easier for Ugandan LGBTQ refugees to enter Canada


With the confirmation that the "kill the gays" law will be passed before Christmas in Uganda, the country is now a more dangerous place for all LGBTQ persons.


The proposed law punishes "aggravated homosexuality" with death, and for the mere act of being a known homosexual, life in prison.  The Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has said the bill will become law before Christmas, and spoke of it as a "gift" to the Ugandan people.


The Huffington Post story reporting the announcement is here:


Xtra Magazine, a gay newspaper in Toronto, reported on the lackluster performance of the Canadian government to deal with the large backlog of claimants at our High Commission in Nairobi and at our consulate in Kampala, which is impeding the refugee claimants fleeing Uganda's hateful climate.  In order to claim refugee status, claimants must make their way to Canada first.  In cases where threats are eminent, the government, at the cabinet level, can make it so a claimant can claim refugee status before leaving their country.

This is what is called for as the LGBTQ community is under threat of constant violence.  In places like Iran, scores of homosexuals are hung for loving the wrong person every year.  We have to help our LGBTQ brothers and sisters before it is too late.

 (the situation at the Nairobi in indeed dire, the government has known for some time that all persons seeking refugee status in Nairobi are not being served well and more funding is required, see Testimony on this fact from Prof. Nicole LaViolette from U of Ottawa on the backlogs in Nairobi:

The Xtra story is here:


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Letter to
Member of Parliament Calgary Southwest Stephen Harper
Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney
Leader, Conservative Party of Canada / Chef, Parti Conservateur du Canada Stephen Harper
The Ugandan government has committed itself to passing the "kill the gays" bill that outlaws homosexuality with penalties of life imprisonment or death. Canada needs to live up to its heritage of being a refuge for those persecuted by their own governments and make the process easier for Ugandan LGBTQ people to apply and gain entry as refugees.

The Nairobi High Commission also has a larger problem of underfunding which is causing a great backlog in the processing of any refugee claims.

We urge you to, with the greatest of haste, implement policies for our embassy in Nairobi to expedite the applications of persons trying to flee this terrifying law and to properly fund the High Commission to deal with the backlog in applications. By keeping up these roadblocks, we Canadians may as well be complicit in the hatred of LGBTQ people in Uganda.

Please make Canada a safe place to be for Ugandan LGBTQ people persecuted by their own government.

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