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Inquire why clients are being denied Dr. James Battle Services?

Aboriginal people are being forced to seek other psychosocial treatment and are being denied working with the psychologist of their choice. Dr. James Battle, Ph. D. Registered Psychologist has worked with Aboriginal peoples for over 30 years. He currently is working with Aboriginal clients, including survivors of Residential School, and Non-Insured Health Benefits (NHIB) of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada is refusing to approve sessions for clients. These clients are in the midst of hearings and are in need of his assistance to complete the process effectively.

Dr. James Battle does not advertise his services, his previous and current clients refer others to him because of the work he has done. In 2012, a group of Aboriginal people started a Facebook group and nominated Dr. James Battle, Ph. D for Man of the Honor Award for the work he has done in the Aboriginal Community and he won. So why is the Medical Services denying clients who need his help access to his services?

Dr. James Battle has published 38 books and developed the Culture Free Self Esteem Inventories, North American Depression Inventory and Anxiety Scales, Basic Visual and Motor Test.

The Government of Canada has apologised to Aboriginal people of Canada in 2008 and still many people are being oppressed by being denied the healing by the psychologist of their choice.

"They are trying to destroy the credibility Dr. James Battle has with Aboriginal Community and is very tragic and another injustice in a long line of injustices perpetuated against them." - Supporter

By signing this petition we are asking for your support to help the Aboriginal people get the help they need with someone who goes beyond his duty as a psychologist to give help to those who need it.

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    Honourable John Duncan
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