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Send Relief Aid and a Disaster Assistance Response Team to Vanuatu

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Vanuatu, one of the poorest countries in the Pacific, was in the path of a 300 km/h “monster”, Cyclone Pam. The aftermath is cataclysmic. Islanders are now drinking salt water because potable water systems are destroyed. UNICEF Pacific reports that ALL of the autumnal crops have been destroyed. Rapid assessments conducted by Oxfam and the Australian military suggest at least 80% of Tanna’s buildings are damaged or destroyed.

Vanuatu is also a member of both the British Commonwealth and Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. They have just been devastated by Cyclone Pam and need urgent assistance. Australia and New Zealand are coordinating relief efforts. Australian and British C-17 Globemasters are transporting relief supplies from Australia to Vanuatu. Despite this, the situation on the ground in Vanuatu is dire. Their president, President Baldwin Lonsdal, is appealing for immediate help and time is of the essence.

Canada has the means to provide assistance and yet there has been no action and no noticeable political discussion. Our means comes in two parts: our CC-177 Globemasters that can provide the strategic lift needed to get the aid and assistance there and our Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART).

DART is designed for urgent deployment, and comes with engineering, primary care and water sanitation – 50,00 litres per day of potable water. This is the tool that is needed. DART was deployed with great effect to the Philippines in 2013 after Typhoon Haiyan and a deployment to Vanuatu would build on its already well-established experience.

Canada, with its new C-17s, also has the heavy strategic-lift capability to move DART to Vanuatu, even if deployment to Tanna might require a supporting Hercules, these are available from our friends in Australia and New Zealand who are already on station in the national capital. The United Kingdom has already sent a C-17 to the region to provide aid.

Please sign this petition to urge Canada to be a good international neighbour and help member of two voluntary associations of independent countries that we are a part of. Vanuatu requires all of the assistance it can get and Canada needs to step up.

We have been trying to get political action and have been writing op-eds.

Here are some links to share also to get the word out.

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