Simple Action Now To Help UK Young People & Future Generations

Simple Action Now To Help UK Young People & Future Generations

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Simple Action Now To Help UK Young People & Future Generations:

Whether you believe humans or nature are responsible for climate change we must reduce pollution, reduce consumption of earth's resources, and provide low cost energy. The UK targets for increased electric cars and improving air pollution by 2020 are not being met, so why isn’t the government taking the opportunity now to enable and encourage it? The government is sponsoring purchase schemes for 400,000 New Build affordable homes by 2020, surely it is a blatantly obvious and simple step to require the builders to incorporate solar (photovoltaic) roof tiles, or as a minimum solar (photovoltaic) panels, on all those homes.

Despite Emails to the PM and various MP's I only received one reply to say the government never specify environmental solutions in Building Regulations - they won't even specify that an energy generation solution must be incorporated into new homes without specifying the solution to be used, or just add this requirement to the government sponsored New Build schemes!!! There is no acceptable excuse for missing this obvious opportunity.

 The benefits of a new Planning / Building Regulation policy for all new homes, or just adding the requirement to the 400,000 sponsored New Build homes, are:

- the high volume would push the solar roof tile / panel price down
- the cost to incorporate them during property construction is lower than adapting later
- the methods to ensure weather proofing and security against high winds and rodent/bird nests would be much easier to incorporate
- the home & roof orientation in site layouts can be designed to maximise exposure to the sun
- various solar roof tiles exist with more appearing all the time, some even look the same as standard roof tiles and can be limited to part of the roof as appropriate
- the relatively small incremental construction price increase could easily be absorbed or discounted by the ever escalating New Build price / profit levels

The benefits to the resulting owners and UK's climate change targets would be high, especially when combined with existing eco insulation standards:

- sockets with free electricity to charge electric cars built into the outside wall/drive/garage thus reducing electric car life costs
- free home heating/lighting/technology
- excess electricity back into the grid providing £energy rebate for the house owner
- reduction instead of increase to future power station demand and their fossil fuel requirements.
- lower solar tile/panel cost encouraging more existing home conversions

Yes, there are other renewable energy solutions, so include an appeal process enabling builders to implement alternative technologies with guarantees of equivalent or greater energy benefit and lifespan for similar or less construction cost. Also, the government needs to amend the out-dated feed in tariff policy to allow for New Build homes designed and constructed for renewable energy thus enabling the higher tariff rate.

The opportunity to build it into planning & building regulation requirements is now, don't let it pass by with typical government inertia and feeble excuses. The government should make this a requirement for all new homes, not just the 400,000 affordable ones!

The governments recent 143 page low emission car policy paper, The Road To Zero (pollution), states they want at least 50% of new car sales to be ultra low emission by 2030, with 100% by 2040. It is obvious the paper accepts that most new cars will be electric at least until 2050 unless alternatives become low cost (eg hydrogen, etc). It says they will remain technology neutral, then outlines how they will spend many £m to achieve a few electric charging points and improved batteries. This policy is to be consumer & industry led, the governments way of avoiding responsibility if it fails, with targets for energy generation companies to increase their use of low carbon fuels while also providing a massive capacity increase for all these low emission cars (no doubt mainly electric). Who pays for this very expensive energy increase and high tech cars - you guessed - the public and the consumer! How many references to utilising solar energy are in the paper - only two - one for some solar canopy roadside charging points, and one for energy generating companies to consider. The paper completely IGNORES the homes and wallets of all the UK drivers and how to enable them with low cost solar energy charging points!!! - what a major omission!!!
Our government must see sense, and change its house construction policies NOW!!!

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