Ban Plastic Bags for a start.!!

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Respected and Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Singh Modi and the ministers in power, we are in dire need of a change. We need to save Mother Earth before its too late. We can start by an initiative from your end to ban plastic bags. This will solve, not fully but significantly, first of all the major cause of polluted rivers, lakes, streams, etc for a start. Ban plastic bags and then we can find a solution together on how we can clean these lakes and rivers and even the ocean, so that marine life can flourish once again and we can have an ecological balance. It may seem impossible but it can be done with your help.  We are blessed with such a beautiful country, bountiful, which provides us with everything we need. Let us teach one and all how to respect Mother Earth in return. We can't keep exploiting her and harm her this way. If a strict law is passed to ban plastic bags, those who violate and still manufactures these plastic bags can be penalized with a fine accordingly(heavy or light fines) and so also to those who uses them. Penalize even those who throw garbage bags and dustbins on roads and other places they shouldn't. Employ people specifically for this task, with a government receipt to put a fine against them. This way, the government can provide employment to some of the citizens who are without a job and though it may not give them a high end salary, it can at least give them a meal to fill their stomach and at the end of the day and feed their family. Also, in return the government can earn some revenue from all the fines per day minus the wage of the people put for the task. But it will certainly not be a loss. If that is not possible, police people can be put instead, which are in great numbers here in India, to fine violators, provided there is a separate slip for such violators. Not that the government haven't done anything. But we are ignorant Indians who cannot respect the law or nature. Very strict and adamant fines and penalties will sure do some change.  More awareness campaign can be done to encourage uses of cloth bags or any other reusable alternatives instead. More natural and Eco-Friendly alternatives to plastic bags can be made for chips packaging, which we can't seem to live without, for sweets or packaged rice, cereals, etc. Even movies can be made by those who care to create awareness. A documentary like "Plastic Ocean" for example.There is always a solution. It just depends on us to make use of the solution. But we need your help.