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Gross injustice meted out to Veterans of Pre-1996 Defense Wings of Army/Navy/Air Force

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Dear Shri Narendra Modi ji & Shri Arun Jaitley Ji,

I wish to bring to your kind  notice the pitiable humiliating situation in which we are put to as Retired Army Officers. As a Veteran, who served the Nation for over 25 years, participating in both 1965 & 1971 Wars, and now a septuagenarian in the 'waning phase' of life I f am forced to tolerate the humiliation due to a glaring anomaly overlooked by the  Government of India..

Prior to the year 2004, in Order to become a Substantive Major in the Army (and the same holds good for Army's equivalents in Navy / Air Force) have to be with 13 years of commissioned Service and further should have passed all the 4 Departmental examinations, viz. Parts A, B, C and D. Only then these substantive majors were eligible to command a Company in the Army. However, post 2004, the Government re-structured and made mere 6 years commissioned service to become substantive Majors, and 13 Years Commissioned service for becoming substantive Lt.Cols, and erstwhile Companies were put in command by these 13 years commissioned Lt.Cols. This effectively means, that the job which we were carrying out as Majors are now being performed by the 13 Years Commissioned Lt.Cols.

With numerous appeals and representations, and Court cases, the Government relented to grant Lt.Cols' pension to those erstwhile pensioners who put in over 20 years commissioned service Pensioners, the Lt.Cols pension, and left those Officers, who had put in over 13 years Commissioned service, but less than 20 years Service in the lurch. There was no rationality nor justification to do so, without considering the plight of the Pensioners, who had put in more than 13 years of commissioned Service before retiring.

The resultant effect is that we, the hapless lot who had put in over 13 years Commissioned service (as in my case I had put in 19 years , 10 months, and 25 days commissioned service) have been equated to 6 Years commissioned service Majors of post 2004 period for pension purposes, which is against all cannons of natural justice.  We are now getting Rs.25000 / Month LESS pension compared to 13 Years Commissioned, post 2004 Lt.Cols.

Is it not a great harm done and damage for us ?

Can our 'voice' to the Prime Minister and  Finance Minister, and to the Parliament panel to redress this grievance be heard? Such category of pensioners like me from all the three wings of the Defense; Army, Navy and Air Force are not more than 800 as on date in all and our strength is diminishing fast.

With very warm regards.

Major KL Chandrasekhar (Veteran)
Date of Commission: 23 April 1967
Date of Retirement : 28 Feb 1987
Seniority for Pension: 26 May 1961 (Served as Person Below Officers' Rank in Indian Air Force)

Mob: +91 9677807632

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