Cancellation of Re-test for CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 Board Exams

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With lots of hopes and dreams after completing the Maths Exam paper,I returned home from the examination hall ,calming down and freeing my mind from all the Exam stress and tensions .Moments after when I switched on the TV , as I was surfing, I end up watching the news.The headlines of today "CBSE orders re-exams of Class XII Economics and Class X Mathematics papers".Like every other student who watched the news , I became devastated and worried.This decision has shattered not only my dreams but the dreams and aspirations of other students who wrote the exam candidly.

Today I would like to bring notice to the Government and the Citizens of India to highlight CBSE's carelessness,irresponsible and lethargic attitude on the conduction of the 2018 Board Exams.

More than 20 lakh candidates appeared for the CBSE Class 10 and 12 Board Exams. CBSE being a prestigious educational brand ,failed to take care of question paper leaks and now the students who are in no link to the leakage are to bear all the consequences.

The rhetoric Government says, that they are ready to help students on dealing exam stress and talks about the improvement of the education system but in reality they have failed to stop the corrupt practises in the examination system .The ultimate sufferers is , the students and parents not the government

Scams in India has gone too far that now it has also creeped into education where students are to bear the burden.

One side we are  sending satellites to show our technological advances , but on the other side the government is not able stop scams spread-ed across various levels and deal with leakages despite technological improvements.

Until the schedule for the re-exams are  declared , students will undergo the same exam stress and anxiety and this pressure will be reflected on their upcoming exams .

Though students cannot do much against the government and CBSE Board but the frustrations of more than 20 lakh students will definitely affect the development process of future India.



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