Stop construction of missile base by Japan Self Defense Forces in Ishigaki Island!!

Stop construction of missile base by Japan Self Defense Forces in Ishigaki Island!!

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe3人の別の宛先


署名の発信者 石垣島に軍事基地を作らせない市民連絡会/Save Ishigaki

Please sign the petition and help stop the construction of the JSDF (Japan Self Defense Forces) missile base on Ishigaki Island.

Ishigaki Island, which is a part of Okinawa prefecture, is one of the remote islands in the southwestern part of Japan near Taiwan.

Beautiful tropical sanctuary…

The construction site is located on high ground at the skirt of Mt. Omoto, in the center of the island where endangered species such as crested serpent eagles and plants exist.
The highest mountain in Okinawa prefecture, Mt. Omoto has been an object of faith for local people.
It spreads wetland as a natural water keeper at the lower part of the construction site. The mountain
water is used for drinking and agriculture. We are afraid that our important environment may be changed, destroying this southern tropical paradise.

Southwestern Islands will be in danger…

JSDF is rapidly deploying military fortresses on the southwestern islands claiming a recent rising tension with China. They have already launched construction for huge bases on Yonaguni Island, Amami Island, and Miyako Island.
The missiles which JSDF is planning to set up in Ishigaki will reach foreign warships from 200km to 400km away. Deploying a missile base here means that our island risks becoming a first target by foreign countries in the event of military strike.
The residents and travelers numbering about 50,000 will be trapped on the island without food because the airport and port must be closed for military use during such an emergency.
As a result, we are afraid that travelers both foreign and domestic may no longer choose to visit Ishigaki Island as a healing island.

Our proximity to the border puts us at foremost risk if we set up missile base!

We do not deny that there are problems such as Senkaku/Diaoyu island territorial right claims on the East China Sea. However it is obvious that everybody will be involved in a tragic situation if we use military forces to solve these problems.
Actually, both the Japanese and Chinese governments claim that their relationship has been improving recently. We agree that it is most important to have conversations in peace to solve problems.
Should a conflict occur accidentally on the ocean, International humanitarian law (Law of War) prohibits attacking unarmed targets (civilian centers without military) such as this island.
Not building a missile base might prevent a conflict whereas on the other hand, mobilization might escalate one. Certainly residents would suffer to be involved in such conflicts when they could easily have been avoided.
If we do not stop this construction and military expansion, we will lose hundreds of billions of yen, which incidentally, we the people provide with our taxes.
And if we attract war by mistake, the influence will be felt all over Japan.

Please listen to our voice!

Most of Ishigaki city residents oppose the construction of missile base.
We collected 40% of voter’s signatures and seals last year requesting a referendum to the Ishigaki City Council, but the decision to hold the referendum or not was rejected twice.
So it’s pending in court right now.
Also half of the missile base land has just sold to the JSDF by Ishigaki city recently.

But it’s still only under land preparation work.

This may be our last and only chance to stop the construction.

We wish Ishigaki will remain a place of peace and healing forever.

Please understand and sign this petition and share it.
We thank you very much for your cooperation!

Liaison group of Against the Military Base in Ishigaki Island
Joint representatives
Hidemasa Uehara
Tetsuhiro Kinjo
Tadasi Hateruma
Masaru Minei
Yoichiro Yae




  • Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
  • Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya
  • Governer of Okinawa Denny Tamaki
  • Ishigaki City Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama