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Safe Schools for Children

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Child education is most important for the growth and development of any nation. But is India creating safe environment at schools for educating our children? 




While our respected Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi seeks a redefining education system and encouraging each and all to send their children to schools for the betterment of our country, in the above cited, prevailing circumstances how can the parents send their children to schools or colleges? 

Nor can everyone afford private education system for their children (not to mention how the growth of the child would be hampered).

There are no strict laws against those guilty of rapes, sexual assaults, molestation. Nor a system for speedy adjudication.

The Human Rights Activists are more pro the guilty than the victim, as if, only  the human rights of the guilty are violated if they are hanged to death, but that of the victims are not impacted.

Unless we have stringent legal framework and crude laws made against such inhuman and devious acts, (today, openly inflicted on minors, majors and even animals), we cannot expect our environment to be safe and fit for any citizen or resident.

We need to have effective and technological mechanisms in place so that parents:

1. can track the whereabouts of their child,

2. capable of sending out a SOS alert with location, pictures in case the child is in a state of emergency.

3. Such development should be made available not only in private schools but also in Government schools.

4. It should be a mandatory feature for all private schools to issue such devices as a part of the fees or at minimal additional price; and at Government schools, free of cost.

We as citizens pay all the taxes the Government levies, without any question or condition, but is the Government not responsible and open to ensure a safe, livable environment to all its people, its children?

Please! Please! Wake up before its late.

Wake up to the needs of the people of this Country, especially the children and youth, who are the future of this country.

No child or person who is emotionally damaged, and impaired due to poor or inadequate judicial mechanisms, can contribute in the growth of this nation.


The Constitution of India permits the Government to take suo moto initiative to bring the needful amendments in law for the safety and  protection of the people of the country.

I plead for all of ours' right to breathe and live in a safe country, in a safe environment.

Hence the petition.


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