Stranded vaccinated Aussies need their families ~ prevent a mental health crisis now!

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Stranded vaccinated Aussies need their families ~ prevent a mental health crisis now!

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Samantha Menezes started this petition to Alan Joyce - CEO Qantas (Chief Executive Officer) and

Our fully vaccinated Australian sons and daughters are suffering immense mental health strain and homesickness being separated from family and Airlines are cancelling early December flights booked for months due to restrictions on overseas arrivals into Australia.

Hopes and dreams are being shattered, wedding planning cancelled, milestones missed and worse still, loved ones passing away without being able to hug their families. A zoom call goodbye doesn’t cut it.

Mental health issues are rising, news stories report feelings of hopelessness and abandonment “People are really hurting. They are silently screaming, and nobody seems to care”. Many Australian mental health counselling hotlines and chat services are not available to Australians overseas!

Evidence tells us that across the lifespan risk factors for poor mental health include:

  • Social isolation and loneliness
  • Homelessness 
  • Insecure employment and unemployment
  • Stressful events

All of which are happening to stranded Australians affected by flight caps, the whim of government, and airline decision-making.

Protective factors for reducing mental health issues include:

  • Strong social relationships and networks
  • Social support

We urge the Australian Government, The Western Australian Government, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines CEO's to work together to:

  1. Urgently increase the numbers of COVID-19 vaccinated Australian citizens allowed into Australia.
  2. Immediately reinstate early December cancelled flights to Australia (including Perth) to ensure people can get home for Christmas 2021.
  3. Reduce the strain on quarantine: make the required changes to ensure vaccinated Australians can quarantine with their vaccinated Australian families.

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This petition had 1,546 supporters

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