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Scott Morrison: Go to the 23 Sept UN Climate Summit with emergency climate action targets

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The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, has called an emergency Climate Action Summit in New York City on 23rd September. He tells the truth of the climate crisis: that we're in a “dramatic climate emergency.” 

“And so, it’s absolutely essential that countries commit themselves to increase what was promised in Paris because what was promised [there] is not enough,” said Mr. Guterres, calling for more ambition and more commitment. 

He has called on every country to bring stronger commitments to the Summit including to stop burning and mining coal, to increase renewable energy usage and contribute funds to help poorer nations transition and cope with climate impacts.

But Australia's PM, Scott Morrison, has said that he's not even going to attend the summit - even though he will be in New York at the time for the UN Leaders' Summit!

He's taken a leaf out of Donald Trump's book by deliberately snubbing the climate summit and is leaving it to the Energy Minister, Angus Taylor and Environment Minister, Sussan Ley to attend the Climate Summit.

While the UN wants all countries to bring stronger targets to cut their emissions, Australia is trying to weaken our Paris target of 26-28% by 2030 (on 2005 levels) by claiming "carryover credits" from the Kyoto Protocol. Doing this effectively halves our target to around 13%.

And, while most countries of the world have got their emissions trending downwards, Australia's continue to rise.

We need to let the Federal government know that THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

By not acting to cut Australia's carbon emissions and fossil fuel exports, Scott Morrison is threatening our children's future health and survival and contributing to millions of future deaths of humans, animals and ecosystems around the world due to climate disruption.

Sign this petition and tell PM Scott Morrison that we want him to:

1. Attend the Climate Summit in person himself.

2. Take an emergency-scale target: to cut Australia's emissions to net zero by 2030.

3. Commit to ending coal mining in Australia by 2020, phase out all fossil fuels and implement 100% renewable energy by 2030.

4. Contribute fairly to the Green Climate Fund to help poorer nations cope with climate impacts and transition to clean energy. 


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