Royal Commission/independ inquiry into Women`s D V services failure to report child abuse

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Royal Commission/independent inquiry into the Failure to Report child abuse and Fraudulent and Discriminating Practices of Women`s Domestic Violence’s services.  

Prime Minister Scott Morrison/Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

“ Who`s Protecting Children from Female Perpetrators?”

Stop Domestic Violence /Women’s Services Protecting Female Perpetrators Of Child abuse, Domestic Violence and Discrimination against Men and Boy`s.

 Time to expose the truth of hidden child abuse cases by women’s domestic violence services.

Time to expose the misleading campaigns for financial gain and investigate how Public Funding and donations are distributed and spent.

Time to expose the truth behind Female Child abuse and Violence in Australia. And the only way is a royal commission, Parliamentary inquiry or independent Public inquiry . Stop allowing Women`s and Domestic Violence services to expose Children to Risk of Female Violent offenders.

Time to Put an end to the Discrimination of Male Victims of Family and Domestic Violence, along with the Discrimination of our son`s, Brothers, Fathers, uncles, grand fathers and those Males we Love from Being Depicted as all Men are Violent and child abusers  through Women’s Services and governments Media Propaganda Campaigns for Financial Purpose and Help expose the Real Purpose of Women`s services and Domestic Violence agenda .” its Not Protecting Children from Females who abuse children”

I`m Calling on the Government to introduce Laws that hold accountable to include Child protection agencies, Women`s services and Domestic Violence organizations to be Prosecuted for Failure to disclose/ Report child abuse or Knowledge of child abuse of children within their system. (As per recommendations by the Royal commission into institutional sexual abuse toward the catholic church and other institutions state /Private .

ACA 8th may 2017 “ DV campaigner Eman Sharobeem” ripping of  the Public by fraudulently manipulating Statistics for profit and funding .  This story was nothing new to me as having been involved with women’s services in the late 90`s through men`s services, also through the protection of Abused children through being a parent aid it was apparent that the only focus of women`s and domestic violence services was in regards to Funding and the protection of Female Perpetrators of Domestic violence and child abuse. As a result of the abuse of my own children whom I raised ,women’s services have done everything to protect the perpetrator because it is a women. From three years through the Family court and continued for 20 years Women’s services Have Protected Female Perpetrators from being exposed for child abuse and DV with no interest the effects have had on the children , Women`s services have only one Goal “ Take everything you can of the Bastards”  ( referring to Men).  Women`s services and governments only interest is to protect the females and not children who they abuse. As with the Catholic church Protecting Paedophile Priests Women’s Domestic Violence are Protecting Their Own Gender and just  another  Protected Organization endorsed by Governments for their Fraudulent Behavior, Fail to report child abuse, Protection of Female Perpetrators and Their Discrimination of Men and Boy`s not only through Domestic violence Laws but Media campaigns and Media add. They also Discriminate against and ignore Male victims of Domestic Violence through the same campaigns Depicting Men and Boy`s as being the only gender capable of Perpetrating Child Abuse and family and domestic violence .while Australian governments ignore overseas statistics of Female Violence and Female Perpetrators of Child sexual abuse By an organization that presents conflicting and Misleading  Statistics for the purpose of funding while ignoring  the Abuse of children that goe`s on in their refuges and care. More children have died or Been abused in the care of women than men, yet women and domestic violence services stay quiet for fear of the public uncovering the Truth Behind Female Child abuse and Female Perpetrators of Family violence. More Children Have Died or been killed in qld and Australia by Females than women killed by Domestic Violence yet Child protection Fails to Get the same funding. In My 20 year experience in dealings with Domestic violence and women`s services its always about protecting the Women regardless if she is a Perpetrator of Child abuse or Domestic Violence and Governments have allowed Laws to Flourish to Protect These same perpetrators of Child abuse through Changes in Law and increased Funding without an investigation into the Hidden unreported cases of Child  abuse , unreported cases of Violence against  women in the refuges , The Bullying Practices incurred against any worker or victim who speaks out against  Domestic violence organizations,  Fraudulent Claims are made to boost funding , Public scare mongering  campaigns  against Fathers/men and Boy`s while ignoring the Rise in Violent Female who abuse their children.   These campaigns are Discriminating against Males and is illegal under the anti-Discrimination act “ To Discriminate against a Person based on Gender, Race or religion ect”  and Laws the government fall into the same category.   These Laws Do No more than Place abused Children back into the hands of a female perpetrator like the Mother Of Mason Lee ( caboolture) and many other abusive and violent Females .

Inquiries have been held against Child protection, the churches. Schools,state careers , now its time for DV women’s services to be held accountable .

. Investigate Funding and resources.

. Why do Male Victims of DV have to Prove they are victims when women can make unsubstantiated Fraudulent applications based on Malicious innuendo without foundation which defies any other Australian Laws Based on “ Proof of innocent “  DV laws are based on “ Guilty as Stated or Probability “  without  evidence. Laws that have effect of child access, property settlement and entrapment. Laws that allow a person who takes out an order not to be prosecuted if they entrap a person to meet or see their children. 

. Failure to Report/Disclose women who abuse children who come into their care.

. Protecting Female perpetrators of child abuse placing abused children at further risk of harm.

.Cover ups of abuse toward DV victims by staff employed or previously employed by DV services.

.Discrimination against Men, Fathers and Boy`s through Media Campaigns and DV Laws.

. Protection of Female Perpetrators of Domestic Violence by not speaking out against violent women.

.Discrimination against Male victims of DV.

 Misleading statistics regarding female and male victims for the purpose of causing public hysteria and financial gain.

.DV campaigns only focus on female victims “ Protection of women and children”  exposing children to risk from females.

. Failure to acknowledge the Bullying culture within their system.

.Their Knowledge of child abuse from violent mothers

.Their Failure to hold female perpetrators of child abuse or domestic violence accountable through their silence when a mother kills or abuses her child is bought before the court.

.Ignoring statistics Overseas and Australian reports relating to the rise of Female perpetrators of Domestic violence and child abuse .

.Promoting Laws that only Discriminate against Men /Fathers ( Male Gender)

.Promote Laws and campaigns that Place children at Risk of Abuse , Sexual and physical.