Bring Them Home

Bring Them Home

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Why this petition matters

There are 20 vulnerable Australian women and 47 innocent Australian children abandoned in a refugee camp in Syria. Recent media reports have exposed the endless and violent raids and mistreatment that these fellow Australians face on a daily basis.  These women and children have been the victims of repeated abuse, including in some cases rape, exploitation, hatred, malnutrition and severe illness.

Recently, the camp housing these women and children was raided at night and they were taken elsewhere, we presently have no information as to their whereabouts.

The Australia Government has been well informed of the extreme level of terror that these women and children have had to endure. It has become impossible to comprehend why nothing has been done.

We acknowledge their past and we do not agree with their former choices or actions. However, we believe that they have suffered extensively in the Syrian refugee camps. This torment will not cease and may result in further needless and destructive loss of life if Australia does not intervene. It is time to bring these Australians home where they can be treated as human beings and rehabilitated. 

It is heart-breaking that the innocent children are the first to suffer with the majority of deaths in refugee camps between December 2018 and July this year, being children under the age of five, according to the International Rescue Committee.

Please sign the petition to bring them home now.

1,373 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!