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Distressingly, climate scientists are now warning that the effects of human-induced global heating are occurring 100 times faster than previously expected.  

One recent example of this extremely alarming expediency is the unprecedented melting of the Greenland ice sheet, which, over a five day period in July and August this year, lost a staggering 55 billion tons of ice to melting.  This was not predicted to happen until approximately 2070 - but has occurred 50 years early.

Meanwhile, supercharged hurricanes, mega-fires, devastating heatwaves, extreme floods, unprecedented snowstorms, the mass-extinction of animal species across the globe, the acidification of our oceans, the toxicity of our air and the effects of disappearing islands and coastlines all continue to worsen each year - primarily because of the burning of fossil fuels.  

Large numbers of people and animals are already dying or suffering around the globe specifically because of the climate crisis. The World Health Organisation conservatively predicts 250,000 additional human deaths per annum between 2030 and 2050 due to the climate emergency.

Some climate scientists are now declaring that we are already in Earth's sixth mass-extinction event and are predicting that our planet may not be able to sustain life (and effectively become completely uninhabitable) by 2050 - that's just over 30 years away!

The NUMBER ONE cause of this climate emergency, well ahead of all others, is the burning of fossil fuels.  The number one culprit within that toxic, polluting and destructive industry is COAL.

And the NUMBER ONE global exporter of COAL is...very sadly...AUSTRALIA.

Just this week, our coal-loving Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is attending the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu, and, while pacific island leaders plead with him to facilitate the expedient winding-down of Australia's coal industry, this is what our recalcitrant PM is actually doing...

Next week he is sending Liberal National Party Senator Matt Canavan to India to discuss EXPANDING Australia's coal exports through mining opportunities in Queensland's Galilee Basin, where the toxic ADANI coalmine will open up opportunities for further exploitation, thereby only expediting the destruction of the natural world that we all depend upon for our very survival!

This is not only shameful and disgusting, but wholly immoral! Especially coming from a politician who has repeatedly stated that his number one priority as PM is to "keep Australians safe" and who bizarrely professes to to be deeply religious, all the while vociferously and passionately championing the very same toxic, polluting substance - COAL - that is effectively destroying God's creation!  How's that work Scott???  

I call on PM Scott Morrison to:

1.  Give up this madness and insist Senator Canavan decline the opportunity to fly to India (all at taxpayer expense, no doubt) to meet representatives of the coal industry.

2.  Urgently develop a plan to expediently transition Australia away from toxic, polluting coal towards 100% renewables.

3.  Urgently declare a climate emergency, as 29 local government councils around Australia (including Sydney and Melbourne) and The ACT already have.

4.  Facilitate the banning of any further political donations (that's what they're called, aren't they, Scott?) to the LNP from the fossil fuel industry.