Expose the Climate Change Theory

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Please help to stop the Man-made Climate Change / Global Warming theory and expose it for what it is ...
a non-scientific hoax designed to hand billions of dollars over to so-called “Green Energy” companies, increase taxes and give unprecedented power to the United Nations.

Australia and many other nations worldwide have wasted billions of dollars on this pseudo-scientific theory that postulates that carbon dioxide (which makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere) completely controls the Earth’s temperature. It also claims that human beings are mostly responsible for the excess CO2 despite the fact that humans only produce 3% of all CO2 in the atmosphere. The rest is from nature.

They claim that the current concentration of CO2 (411 ppm) is dangerous when CO2 concentrations millions of years ago were hovering around 8000 ppm and the world did not come to an end. In fact nature flourished with both animal and plant life.

Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant, it is a natural gas that feeds plants, trees and crops. Without CO2 all plant life on Earth would cease to exist. It is only a LACK of CO2 in the atmosphere that is dangerous.

Climate Change is natural. Earth’s climate has been changing constantly for 4.5 billion years. It’s nothing unusual. We have endured ice ages and warm periods none of which destroyed the planet.

Furthermore, solar and wind power are NOT clean or green nor are they renewable. The factories that make solar panels and wind turbines are powered by coal, gas or nuclear power - the very energy technologies that the Climate Alarmists want to us abolish!

Subsidizing of solar and wind energy has doubled the cost of electricity causing 450 families in Queensland to have their power shut off EVERY WEEK because of their inability to pay their outrageously high power bills.

But the most reprehensible thing that the Climate Change alarmists are doing is brainwashing and terrifying our children with this mythical horror story of imminent human extinction while using them as political pawns in artificially manufactured protests worldwide.

This has to stop.

Please sign this petition and send a message to Canberra that we will not be fooled into destroying our economy, destroying jobs, tripling our electricity bills, wasting billions of taxpayer dollars and terrifying our children with unsubstantiated horror stories.

Thank you.

Steve Hunter

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