Sack the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory for allowing the torture of children.

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Adam Giles heads the government of the Northern Territory and has sat on the regime of torture in juvenile detention centres across the Territory for years. He is now trying to blame the children who have suffered abuse, for their bad behaviour, parents, and the system of child protection, for the incidence of children in detention. In his appearance on TV news he mumbles his way through a scapegoating diatribe. He should never have been allowed to head the Northern Territory Government. The Prime Minister needs to step up to remove Adam Giles from the position of power where he not only allowed this to happen, but feels able to go on TV and blame others for his barbaric regime of torture. Adam Giles clearly lied about not knowing what was going on. The Children's Commission Report was presented to his Parliament in August 2015 and none of the recommendations have been acted on. Please sign this petition and help me have Adam Giles removed.