Stop mixing up of modern medicine and ayurveda which will ruin both systems of medicine

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The Honorable Prime Minister of India 

Sri Narendra Modi Gi

Respected Sir 

Greetings from modern medicine doctors working in India and abroad .

This is  regarding central  council for Indian medicine notification dated 19/11/2020.
The said notification is a gross violation of fundamental principles of modern medicine and ayurveda by which different systems of medicine are mixed to make a mixopathic treatment system unheard of  in the world .
This will ruin modern medicine as well as ayurveda.Modern medicine and ayurveda have to remain as independent entities .

Indian Modern medicine doctors have contributed immensely in health care systems, globally .

Any dilution in this sector by mixing different systems will ruin the scientific  temperament of this country .

 NITIAYOG  has appointed four  committees to implement mixopathy.
Such steps can only help to destroy both modern medicine as well as ayurveda .
we request you to 

1.withdraw  the controversial notification dated 19 /11/2020 by CCIM

2. dissolve the four committee appointed by NITIAYOG 

Yours respectfully 

Modern medicine doctors  practising in india and abroad .