Prime Minister Modi, please give an honest and unscripted interview.

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Never in the history of India has a Prime Minister denied a press conference to the media. The present Prime Minister of India, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister to never have held a press conference. Also, the interviews given by him to some Indian news channels appear to be carefully scripted, which seemed to glorify him and his government. The questions asked were mostly either irrelevant or did not have counter questions to his answers. In these so-called interviews news anchors have not bothered to ask questions related to the many problems face by the nation today. The Prime Minister being accountable for all the policies and actions by his government needs to answer questions related to some very important issues like:

1) The Agrarian crisis
2) Rise in unemployment and failure to create more jobs
3) Fabricating statistics related to various welfare schemes of the government
4) Aadhar data security issue
5) New GDP calculation method versus old and how it benefits the common man
6) Demonetization and its effects on common man and bank employees
7) Chaotic implementation of GST
8) Increase in crimes against women
9) Communal hatred spread by fringe groups
10) Wide spread polarization in the nation based on religious beliefs
11) Speeches distorting facts to tarnish image of historic leaders
12) Conspiracy theories against opposition parties
13) Allegations of government trying to control autonomous institutes
14) Diplomatic relations with Allies, changes in foreign policies & worsening relations with neighboring countries.

The nation wants honest & straight answers and wants to know the government’s plans to tackle the issues faced by the nation, not half-truths. We request the Honorable Prime Minister of India to hold a press conference for national and international journalists, and give an honest and unscripted interview to news channels that are reputed internationally for factual reporting.

Some of the media houses that are internationally reputed and have a history of upholding the principles & ethics of journalism, who we expect the Prime Minister to give an interview to, and who we believe would be happy to interview the PM are:

The New York Times
The Guardian
The Washington Post
The Wall Street Journal

Concerned citizens of India.