Reservation free India

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I am an engineer. Or i should say a male engineer from general community. After i graduated from college i started preparing for ESE examination even i tried my best i didn't get qualified and at the same time many of my friends who are from well established families but belongs to Sc/st or obc communities got selected they didn't even scored 60-70% of marks what i scored. Not every sc/st guy and obc guy is poor or not every general guy is rich. Then why this trend is still continues. We are 1.2 billion people lives in India and according to our population every 1 out of 6 nobel prize winner should be from India or every 1 out of 6 CEO of big MNCs should be an Indian but in India we does not get same opportunity so what is happening right now is well qualified Indians are leaving our country and going abroad because they does not get sufficient opportunities in India. If we want to make India great then we have to abolish this trend or atleast make some improvements so that only deserving people or persons gets the benefits of reservation. When our constitution makers introduced reservation they did this with the intention of improvement of deprived classes and to change the mindset of public about equality but in the past 70 years not much have changed and particularly this equality thing cause mentality needs to be change for equality but that cannot be done together when some certain special classes are getting more benefits and in every field so how someone can look them with same equality feeling when they are getting reservation in every step of their careers. I have some suggestions which can be implemented for reservation- (1)- if someone in a family got good government job by reservation then their children should not get the benefits of reservation. (2) - caste based promotion after getting government job must be stopped (3)- if someone got 1 government job because of reservation then he/she should not be allowed to take the benefits of reservation for their next job if they leaves the current one. (4)-financial criteria of 8 lakh per annum for income should be reduced to 5 lakh per annum for getting benefits of reservation because a family of 4 or 5 can easily get good education if someone in the family is earning 5 lakh per annum. (5) financial help should be given to every poor inspite of there classes.  This is high time now to make India great and for that we need quality personas in every field then only India can compete with developed countries. The only efficient government body which is working properly now a days is Indian army or i should say our defence forces because these reservation policies does not apply there. They take well qualified and deserving Indians and not the reserved Indians.