Quota Reservation System a Boon or Bane!! Isn't it high time to implement a change?

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India got its independence in the year of 1947. After the independence, India's affirmative action programme was launched in 1950 and is the oldest such programme in the world.After the independence of India in 1947 there were some major changes in favour of the Scheduled Tribes (ST), Scheduled Castes (SC) and Other Backward Classes (OBC). 

The main idea of this whole program was to bring forward those in the lower caste realm into the  front tier of the society.

This system has been since continued for now 70 years and its now the time for a change.

A change in the right direction for the development of our country.

Passing of such a law at time of Independnce was justifible, but to continue in the same system for 70 long years is something thats is not acceptable at all.

And its is the main reason for the most of upper caste people falling into the category of BPL.

This is an alarming issue. Now the present scenario, is that the they get admission to good schools with the help of this system. After that again gain this advantage during UnderGraduate admissions, the same again during PG admissions and finally for getting a goverment job they again gain the advantage of the reservation systems.

As a result of this the entire job system is occupied from the people from so called reserved quota , while leaving those from higher casts waiting on the door steps for a chance. And this keeps on passing on to the future generations.

This is similar to phenomenon of "Born with a silver a spoon in the mouth"

Even after getting higher marks in exams than the other , they still face the scenario of not recieving a job due to this system.

This is indirectly resulting in quality people of not getting a deserving job and those positions occupied by people with lower skill level.

This affects the overall development of country in the longrun.

Most of the people who oppose the discarding of this system are of the view point that still there are poor people in the lower caste who cant afford to study.

But they all are ignoring the fact of the other people struggling to get a job.

A recent development is that After the revised Neet Mds Pg forum, an alarming fact was that the reserved caste candidates ridiculously more privilage than the unfortunate handicapped candidates. Just take a second to think over it.

A suggestion is that discard this entire system on the basis of caste and provide preference to people on the basis of Income.

We already have this system in practice in form of APL and BPL. So that the deserving people get the benefits. Surely if such a system is introduced , there will be protests arising from different parts of community from the so called people enjoying the benefits of this caste system because the will realize  that they will not get the free food they were getting for all these years no more.

Here comes the role of goverment, In taking a bold action a right one. Surely protests will be there but we will be standing beside you because that is the right thing to do.

We are expecting a lot from our beloved Prime Minister of India Modi ji.He is the one who can bring such a change.

We all are waiting for the day when you declare that the Caste System is no more applicable.