There is a situation brewing in Jamaica where state-owned China Harbour Engineering Company wants to build a massive shipping port. The Government already set aside the Portland Bight Protected Area, the Goat Islands area and surrounding waters for the endangered species. The Jamaican government did an about face and now the area is being considered for development of this huge port.

Hellshire Hills, Jamaica is the last remaining home of the critically endangered Jamaican Iguana. The PBPA is a cultural heritage site, being once the home of the Taino Tribe, that at one time inhabited much of the south coast of Jamaica encluding Old Harbour, and around the Goat Islands in the Portland Bight Protected Area.

I'm asking for your support to help save this species along with the 58 other critically endangered and 77 endangered species of plant and animal in the region,(20 of these species are in the PBPA), along with the cultural heritage of the Portland Bight.


Letter to
Government of Jamaica Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, et al
No trans shipping Port Portland Bight Protected Area, Jamaica

You might not realize that the Hellshire Hills area is the last remaining places that the Jamaican Iguana call home. This native animal use to be pervasive all over Jamaica, and now is on the endangered species list, listed as Critically Endangered according to the IUCN Red List. The waters around this is area are also fragile and need to be watched for signs of diminishing wild life, as many species are also in danger .

There are a total of 59 "Critically Endangered" & 77 "Endangered" species within the Jamaica Island region, on the land and in the waters. Once these plants and animals are lost they are lost forever.

I also wish you to recognize that the Portland Bight Protected Area was once home to the Taino Tribe People and it is of cultural heritage significance, and by developing the PBPA with a transshipping hub will destroy the region and its value both environmentally and culturally.

I also wish you to acknowledge that by developing this area would be in violation of the Freedoms & Rights Charter of the Constitution of Jamaica, as amended in 2012. That freedom & right as it pertains to the environment & the people of Jamaica if violated is considered a violation of human rights, as noted by legal scholars.

I urge you to reconsider your plans to build the shipping port in the Portland Bight Protected Area, and reaffirm that the area is set aside for repopulation of the native species and the cultural value it contains.

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