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Transparency NOW! Bahamians Have a RIGHT to know. What deals you signed on our behalf?

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Wikileaks: Begged U.S. for assistance with obtaining background checks on Chinese workers

We DO NOT want any secret deals with any Company or Country. There should be No hidden agendas or deals, only accountability and transparency.  Mr. Prime Minister, you said the PLP is the government of the people, that you believe in Bahamians. Don't just say it, but show it. Prove to us, you did not sign any agreements that would adversely affect the lives of all and future Bahamians.

The action of the government in undemocratic, this is not Democracy. We cannot have a country that is for the people, by the people and of the people, if we have Autocratic Leaders. Its impossible for us to move Forward, Upward Onward or Together, unless you release the documents related to the BahaMar Deal and all hidden deals. What exactly is in that Agreement/Treaty with the Chinese Government?

We need Freedom Of Information and We need Democracy Now!


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