Payments for workers affected by Coronavirus

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  1. Many people are affected by Coronavirus.

Last week, the Australian Prime Minister announced all those on benefits would get a once off cash bonus. Wonderful. But why not the workers? Why not the ones directly affected by this Virus?

I work in the travel industry. Myself and my colleague's are working many extra hours to make sure customers are ok, getting refunds and basically making sure their every need is taken care of. We are losing money from lack of commissions due to the travel ban. All part and parcel of the travel industry right? Correct. But if the government is handing out cash payments, why are people on benefits the only ones getting it when more than half of those people have not experienced finanical loss due to the Coronavirus?

I know the travel industry is not the only industry suffering. Hospitality workers have had their shifts cut back due to lack of tourists, waitresses, cleaners, receptionists, chefs...the list goes on. Retail workers have less shoppers due to tourists. Most industrys have been affected in some way or another. ALOT of workers are out of pocket due to this crazy virus. But who is there to look after us?

Travel that was booked months ago and departed before this new rule of 14 day self isolation started....we are all told to take annual leave or unpaid leave when we get back. What if you dont have annual leave left? Are you meant to survive on 2 weeks with no pay? 

We work hard for our money and have paid taxes for many years, why should we miss out?

If people who are (virtually) unaffected get an extra cash bonus, why dont those who work hard and ARE affected? We also help to keep the economy going, look after us too!!