Establish a Royal Commission to 'fix' our political system before it is too late

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Our political system is badly broken, as evidenced by the revolving door of Prime Ministers, personality politics, political short-termism and financial recklessness. If this continues, our political system will become more dysfunctional and will seriously threaten our future as a safe, stable and prosperous country.

For the Australian public it is hard not to take the position that our political parties – and many of our politicians – are more concerned about their own self-interest, and vested interests, than they are about governing in the national interest for all Australians or with our long-term wellbeing or standard of living in mind.

Normally we would look for leadership from our politicians to resolve such large national issues. However, our politicians are integral to the political system – they can’t fix something that they are part of. If they could fix it – they would have.

What we need is a circuit breaker - something that can enable a political ‘reset’.

A Royal Commission – with an appropriate terms of reference and led by one or more experienced and appropriate Judges – offers just such a ‘circuit breaker’. A Royal Commission brings a holistic approach, impartiality, balance, rigour, insight and comprehensive recommendations as we have seen from the child sex abuse Royal Commission, and as we are seeing from the banking Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission could take a ‘case study’ approach to its work similar to the child sex abuse and banking Royal Commissions. Case studies could include, for example, demise of the car industry / manufacturing, energy policy and prices, political donations / influence, foreign interference, vested interests, role of the media, corporate tax and internal workings of the parties. Case studies of various well-functioning and dysfunctional democracies would provide opportunity to learn from others. Media coverage and public interest could be used to build support for change and to educate and inform the public of the nature of the causes of the issues and proposed solutions.

Following the Royal Commission, the report and recommendations would be considered by both houses of Parliament with the intention of achieving a broad consensus of the changes to be implemented. Legislation, referendum and other implementation would follow.

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Please sign the petition and send it to all your family and friends – imploring them to act!! Thank you for considering this and for investing in our country’s and children’s future.