Arrest & Prosecute Ashraf Jalali

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Ashraf Jalali, a leader of Tehreek Labaik Pakistan, in one of his speeches, stated that HAZRAT BIBI FATIMA ZAHRA S.A, Beloved Daughter of Our Beloved PROPHET P.B.U.H was at fault when SHE S.A claimed rights & ownership of the Land of Fadak in the court.

LADY ZAHRA S.A is highly revered, respected & believed to be SAYYIDATUN'NISA AL ALAMEEN ( Leader of All the righteous Women) by muslims and believed to be an Infallible according to the Shia School of Thought. Therefore, such disrespectful & blasphemous words uttered by ashraf jalali has hurt not only the sentiments of millions of Shia Muslims but also a large number of Sunni muslims and hence committed a crime according to laws of Pakistan.

Such disrespectful statement is blasphemous without any doubt and therefore his crime is evident. Disrespect of HAZRAT BIBI ZAHRA S.A is a disrespect of HOLY PROPHET P.B.UH without a doubt.

Hence, we demand ashraf jalali to be arrested & prosecuted according to the blasphemy law at the earliest.

We hope the Government of Pakistan & Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan will take notice of this crime & ensure swift justice so that no one in the future can dare to disrespect LADY ZAHRA S.A and other Holy Personalities respected by all sects of Islam unanimously.