Twitter Insulted India? Avoided Indian Time Zone & Currency options : Boycott Twitter

Twitter Insulted India? Avoided Indian Time Zone & Currency options : Boycott Twitter

15 July 2020
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Started by Rhythm BG

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Twitter Insulted India?

Every true Indian needs to pay attention to this Article!!

In the Video of Episode 5 of "The Rhythm's Podcast" Powered by Bollywood Bazar Guide, Rhythm revealed that Twitter shows no option for Indian Time Zone and No transaction through Indian Currency.

Recently Indian Government banned around 59 Chinese Applications and websites including Tik Tok, Send It , Sheiin, Club Factory etc. During the same time, Hon. PM Modi emphasised on the idea of “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat” promoting the local brands and businesses. #VocalForLocal became trending on social media sites.

Whenever we wish to promote our business, we normally seek help through Social Media Ad Campaigns. The sites that first explode in our minds are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. While making the first Ad campaign on Twitter, we came across the fact that Twitter – the social media giant do not have the option for Indian Time Zone i.e GMT+ 5.30 hrs.

This was discovered during the set up process of Ad campaign, you can select your country “India” but when it comes to Time Zone, Twitter suggests using the time Zone of Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Pakistan or any next time zone available. Also it does not have option for Indian Currency; every transaction is made in US Dollar without any detailed specification of taxes.

Isn’t it absolutely disrespectful to our country which has the potential of more than 1.3 billion population?

Probably, there are certain other countries also that do not find their currency and Time Zone on Twitter. But let’s explore, why is it important to have Indian Time Zone and Currency on Twitter?

According to the Business Insider, Almost 1/3rd of the online Indian Audience uses Twitter. India with 36.6 million people on the social network serves as twitter’s third largest growing market right after the U.S. Now, is it fair for that big amount of people to use the time zone of some country which is not even equivalent to 1/4th population of India?

Not only this, Hon’ Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds the third most influential person and fastest growing profile’s tag on twitter.(Source. Economics Times) Cricketer Virat Kohli is amongst the most valuable athlete on Twitter earns the staggering INR 2.5 Cr per tweet. (Source. Times now news)

Apart from this, Indian Media treats Twitter as a valuable and primary source of information, incorporates almost all major tweets of the country in their bulletins. Indian Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and other Politicians has twitter as a platform to connect with their fans and followers. Twitter gets highest amount of importance and indirect marketing/advertising from Indian netizens.

The amount of earning that twitter gets from Indian Market is unimaginable.

Another point to highlight is that Twitter gives the option for ad transaction only in USD. There is no option for INR. In addition, there is no specific explanation of the taxes levied on the ad transaction. And if it is asked to any social media active user from India about preferences of transacting in USD or INR, most of the Indians understands the math of INR.

Many questions popped in the mind after seeing all these facts.

Why Indian Media, Politicians, Activists, Cyber Authorities and Celebrities never thought of highlighting this issue?

And Above all why this social media giant - Twitter have avoided India, in spite of earning large share from its market?

Do all these 36.6 million Indian active users deserve this treatment?

If you are a true Indian, you will realise the importance of the agenda. We should Avoid Twitter, No Tweets, No Twitter Ads till we get Indian Time Zone and Indian Currency on Twitter. And if they fail to do so then Ban such Application/network site that insults the developing country like India.

Besides, it will be a great opportunity of Indian thinking minds to make better Indian Social Media Network and deliver the true meaning of “Atma Nirbhar Bharat.”

Sign the Petition, if you want to make it happen!!


Rhythm (Chief Editor)

Bollywood Bazar Guide

Check The Rhythm's Podcast to find out the details about twitter not having Indian GMT and INR options.

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