Please Pardon Woman caught for prostitution in Malaysia from Caning and Imprisonment

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Malaysia has finally made the first change in government this year. The country and the whole world celebrate a new Malaysia and put high expectation on the new government to develop the economy stronger as well as make the society more opening to each other.
However, a single mother was recently caught for prostitution in the state of Terengganu and could be sentenced to be caned. According to the news from Star online ( dated 24 September 2018, a 30-year-old divorcee has pleaded guilty at the Syariah High Court for preparing to offer sexual services at a hotel. She was charged and could be sentenced to prison or fined or caned, or by any combination of the three. She told the judge that she could not afford the fine as a single mother to a seven-year-old daughter whose former husband has not supported them since their divorce seven years ago. 
As concerned members of the international community, we uphold the universal value of human rights that consider caning, as corporal punishment to be inhumane. As a modern, democratic country which is exemplary in protecting the rights of its people, Malaysia should not tarnish its international image by allowing caning and imprisonment of a poor woman, single mother and divorcee on such a charge, especially when she is struggling to bring up her child. To allow this to happen under Syariah law goes against Islam as an enlightened and humane religion. All religions teach about the good of men and women and Malaysia can set an example to the world by pardoning her on humanitarian ground. 
We urge the local authority to reconsider the case and pardon the accused. Please sign this petition and make the Malaysian government hear our voice. Thank you!


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