Justice to Farmers, one who feeds you twice a day

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You might hover anywhere from far left to right concerning your political or social ideology, but one thing is certain, wherever we may be, we remember our farmers at least twice in a day.

With increasing numbers of farmers distress resulting in suicides, the governments of Indian states are doing their bits and pieces, but it is far too little. Over 12,000 suicides were reported in the agricultural sector every year since 2013.

I would like to appeal to the government of India asking them to deduct Rs. 1 from one account belonging to one household. In India, the total number of individual saving bank accounts is expected to be 20 Cr or 200 million. On an average if we consider five people per household, the amount will come to 4 Cr. This 4 Cr each can be given to the family members of the farmer who has committed suicide. 

I am sure Rs. 1 as the contribution per suicide of one farmer is the least we can think of. I appeal to all of you to think about this petition in truest of its spirit and contribute to the cause of nation-building. 

I humbly request you to spread this petition to all social media groups so that it reaches our parliament. I hope all political parties will bridge their ideological differences and come together on this common platform.