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Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: We demand public apology to all black people in the world.


As a head of the Turkish government and as a person who has great influence to the Turkish public he was expected to stand against stereotypes and racism and to be a role model but instead his speech reinforces already built stereotypes in Turkey about black people that black people are ignorant, uncivilized and know nothing.

In his speech adressing the issue of Gezi Park in 11th June 2013 Prime Minister Erdoğan compared Black people to people who know nothing about politics, art, theatre, cinema,  paintings, poetry, aesthetics, architecture, and people who are uneducated, lower class mob that needs to make do with what they are given.

Here is an excerpt:

''.....According to them we don't know anything about politics. According to them we don't know anything about art, theater, cinema, paintings, poetry. According to them we don't know anything about aesthetics, architecture. According to them, we are an uneducated, ignorant, lower-class mob that needs to make do with what they are given, in other words, a Negro group. Believe me, they have always seen it this way. And today, they still view us with the same gaze, same eyes, same mentality.'' R. T. Erdoğan

For a clip of the speech and translation please click here


Target: Anyone who believes in peace, justice, and the dignity of all people

To call international awareness to racism and racial stereotyping experienced by foreigners in Turkey by signing this online petition.

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As an individual committed to social justice,
I stand against racism and discrimination of any kind.

I will maintain a high level of integrity and respect for others.

I will neither sit by nor take part in biased/racist interactions.

·      Uphold honor and respect for others with my words and my actions.

·      Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

·      Find out what resources exist in Turkey in case anyone needs them.

·      Safely intervene if I see racist incidents.

·      Educate my friends and family on the importance of safely intervening when they see a racial altercation.

·      Recognize, Analyze, and Take responsibility as an Active Bystander.



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