Rapists to be hanged on spot and to consider rape as a heinous crime

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Rapists should not be dealt with easily. Instead they should face punishment as soon as possible

 Rape should be considered as a heinous crime. Rape is very normalised in our society. People don't understand that there has been a rape until the girl is left alive or that it has been extremely brutal

Most of the people do this with their humanity off.

They don’t have any human sentiments or emotions. These people don’t have the right to live.
They should be badly punished and dealt with on the spot.

Today in our country, the 'largest democracy' in the world Women are denied the most basic of the rights.

Rape cases in India are piling up day by day. Victims are dumped, burnt, made to hang from a tree, packed in a polyethene and are treated in the most callous manner no one could ever imagine. The local authorities are corrupt as well adding up to the atrocity.

To put an end to such mishappenings ministers have come up with upsetting rules and policies like of calling for an 8pm curfew for women and also ending night shifts. But these can't be considered as solutions rather they can aggravate the situation to another level.

Dragging rape and molestation cases into communal strings is one of the multiple reasons why India has failed to provide women with a safe rather a livable environment.

Our country protects 'rapists' more than the victims. Therefore we need to call for more stringent and fast laws. The nation shouldn't be kept waiting. These culprits should be thrashed and hanged publically.

Our motto is to make this petition reach as many people as possible.

We want the government to take strict actions against these people who are brutally damaging and creating a feeling of terror for the women of our society.