Deport Holland Ambassador from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

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The Right Honourable Imran Khan Niazi The Prime Minister of Pakistan,


His Majesty The King Salman Abn Aziz of Saudi Arabia

We, people of Pakistan, hereby submit this petition to you, to deport the Holland Ambassador from Pakistan for Being a Party to disrespect our beloved, holy Prophet our religious father, Mohammad Bin Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib

We, Muslim Population of Pakistan are deeply hurt and angry over Holland's Govt's becoming silent in allowing the far right in releasing cartoon pictures of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

We are deeply hurt and angry over the far right Dutch Leader Mr Geert Wilders, for releasing the controversial cartoon picture just to hurt Muslims in the name of freedom of speech.

It is the that Mr Geert Wilders who is a sitting member of Parliament started to seek the release of the cartoon picture of our Prophet (PBUH) and the Dutch govt did not take any step to stop this hurtful act of this member of parliament. Hence we believe that the Dutch Govt is 100% party in the hurtful act of this feral member of Parliament Mr Geert Wilders.

We demand you to immediately deport the Ambassador of Holland from Pakistan and Suaidi Arabia, call the Dutch Govt and record your protest and remove all these disrespectful images from Google and other places.

We believe you will adhere to the wishes of the Muslims people all over the world and immediately remove the Dutch Ambassador from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Thank You in Anticipation

Your's Very Truly

Abida Mirza

On Behalf of the People of Pakistan.