Condemn #Pathankotattack and demand continuation of dialogue between India, Pakistan

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Condemn #Pathankotattack and demand continuation of dialogue between India, Pakistan

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Saeed Rid started this petition to Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and

We the concerned citizens of India, Pakistan and elsewhere in South Asia and the world condemn the terrorist attack on Pathankot Air-base. This was an attack not just on the air-base but on the peace dialogue that was going to be restarted in mid-January. We have apprehensions that the escalating media war between the Indian and Pakistani media in the wake of the Pathankot attack will lead to derailment of the Composite Dialogue between the two countries before it even gets restarted.

We urge the governments of India and Pakistan not to let the peace process be set back because of the Pathankot attack. We ask them to cooperate sincerely in tracking those who are responsible for the attack, with the understanding that terrorists are enemies of the peace-loving people of both India and Pakistan. We demand that the two governments get down to formulating a joint mechanism to deal with the issue of terrorism, which can start work with investigations of the Pathankot attack.

Our message to Prime ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif is - kill terrorism, not talks. Militants should not be allowed to sabotage the peace process. Please do not allow them to dictate their terms to the people and governments of India and Pakistan.

We demand delinking of the issue of terrorism from the peace dialogue, sports exchanges and people-to-people contact. Halting dialogue because of terrorist incidents would be a victory for terrorism.

We invite all peace loving people to join us in endorsing this statement.

Initial signatories (alphabetical order)

Aman Alam, IT professional/peace activist, Bangalore
Amandeep Singh, IT professional, Delhi
Anita Dixit, writer/ researcher, Kolkata
Ayesha Siddiqa, independent scholar/author of "Military Inc"
Beena Sarwar, journalist/Editor Aman ki Asha
Bhatta Som, Manager, private company, Jamshedpur
Devika Mittal, peace activist/Aghaz-e-Dosti
Dr Geet Chainani, medical records reviewer, NY
Jatin Desai, journalist/ Secretary General, Pakistan India People's Forum for Peace and Democracy (PIPFPD), India chapter
Jami Mahmood, director, writer, producer, Moor and O21
Joel Rebello, journalist, Mumbai
Jyoti Punwani, journalist, Mumbai
Kami Kidwai, IT professional, London
Kanak Dixit, Editor, Himal Southasian,
Kathmandu Konchadi Vasanth Pai, retired professional, Bangalore
Neelam KG, teacher, Quetta
Nusrat Jamil, activist, Lahore
Omaid Malik, writer/activist, Lahore
Parshu Narrayan, advertising professional, Delhi
Rahul Ram, musician/Indian Ocean, Delhi
Ram Subramanian, filmmaker, Mumbai
Ravi Kallianpur, consultant, Florida
Raza Rumi, Author, journalist and academic
Reema Abbasi, journalist and author/ "Historic Temples in Pakistan: A Call to Conscience"
Reema Amin, educationist, Lahore
Ruchhita Kazaria, advertising professional, Kolkata
Saeeda Diep, rights activist/peace activist, Lahore
Saeed Ahmed Rid, researcher/teaching faculty, Islamabad
Samir Gupta, IT professional/peace activist, Ghaziabad
Sanjay Rajoura, stand up artist, Delhi
Sehyr Mirza, freelance journalist, Lahore
Sidharth Manu, network engineer, Bangalore
Yasmeen Kazi, paediatrician, Karachi

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This petition had 185 supporters

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