Safeguard Medical Profession & Doctor's Dignity- threatened & abused by media personnel

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Over the last decade or so, since the doctors stepped forward to the struggle for their rights, there has been a perpetual hype created by some media personnel to defame doctors and the medical profession. A few so-called Media personnel has been exploiting their authority in order to abuse the doctors across the country. Although it is not very uncommon to find a media or political group consistently striving against and challenging the dignity of the medical profession to meet their personal gains, the recent abusive surge has taken a toll on doctors and the medical profession. One such incident was observed, a few days back, when a media-affiliated person named Sardar Zeeshan used abusive language and misbehaved with a senior doctor at DHQ Gujranwala, reprehensibly demanding him of a protocol (out of the way) treatment for his patient while he was busy making indoor rounds. Despite his unsettled appalling conduct, yet again, he gathers contemptible courage abusing doctors and the medical profession in a media meeting. 

I find it humiliating, accused and disgraceful to my person, as a doctor- and threatening and abusive to the dignity and honor of my medical profession, to remain quiet and forbearing any longer. 

I am attaching the video links as an evidence to my statement.

It is the responsibility of Prime Minister, Imran Khan, and CJP Saqib Nisar to safeguard the dignity and honor of the medical profession and the doctors irrespectively. Therefore, I/we demand immediate action to be taken by the respective and abovementioned authorities. A legislation should be passed to prevent such incidences from happening in future.

Were it to leave such a malicious person go unnoticed, this would be a deliberate catastrophe equivalent to the demise of the medical profession's dignity. Such a calamity would take centuries to heal. It is imperative for the present and future of the medical profession of Pakistan.