Restore & Regulate Students' Union Now

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Student Union was one foremost and very crucial association been banned 35 years ago by dictator’s rule. The ban on students’ unions was originally imposed through Martial Law Orders issued in 1984 during the rule of the then Chief Martial Law Administrator cum President General Zia-ul-Haq. Growing cases of violence in the campuses and the concern shown by the society were cited as reasons for the ban. However, it is also believed that the decision was based on reports that antigovernment student alliances had gained considerable influence and strength which were posed as a threat to General Zia-ul-Haq’s government.

Student Unions being the most active association at the time of emergence of Pakistan and hence always been considered the most important platform for students to gain political awareness. Beside this the main purpose of the Student Union is that it provides a platform through which students could be represented according to their rights and interests. Additionally, with current educational philosophy heavily tilted towards the jobs market, it is important to tackle de-politicization by raising civic and political awareness through extra-curricular activities, relate class room education to ground realities, and inculcate a democratic culture among students to prepare them for future leadership of the country.

Historically, women have been under represented in this association as well which has created an unfortunate situation that no women on open merit has made it to the parliament of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The 17% representation is on the base of quota hence the women parliamentarians are undermined for their performance because of lack of any constituency or vote bank.

Pakistan viable and leading political parties who claim to be pro about youth inclusion and freedom of association remained less interested in revival of students’ unions. The situation is got worse when the recent constitution of public university in KP has removed the president of students’ union seat from syndicate as governing/approval body for university affairs.

You are requested to revive and regulate Students' Union on priority basis.


Tahira Kaleem
Sulaiman Yousafzai
Shafeeq Gigyani