PAKISTAN: Another Baloch is abducted and disappeared from outside Pakistan.

PAKISTAN: Another Baloch is abducted and disappeared from outside Pakistan.

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IHRC Hong Kong started this petition to Mr. Imran Khan and

The International Human Rights Council (IHRC-HK) is horrified to learn of the disappearance of Sajid Hussain, the editor of the Balochistan Times news website who went missing in the Swedish city of Uppsala on March 2, 2020. His whereabouts are unknown ever since.

Mr. Hussain has a long history of investigative journalism and has been previously associated with prestigious dailies such as The News’ and ‘Daily Times’ as assistant news editor and city editor respectively. After resigning from The News International, he contributed for Reuters, however due to security reasons he remained anonymous. 

Mr Sajid Hussain is the second Baloch abducted from outside Pakistan. Earlier the IHRC also reported on the disappearance of Mr. Rashid Baloch, the link can be accessed here.  Due to a threat to his life Mr. Rashid Baloch left Pakistan and came to UAE along with his family members he was living and working in the UAE since August 2017. On 26th December 2018, Rashid was whisked away by personnel of local intelligence agency he was later extradited to Pakistan, where to date he is in the custody of intelligence agency without being formerly charged of any crime. It has transpired now that the Pakistani intelligence agencies colluded with UAE authorities to disappear Mr. Rashid.

Mr. Sajid Hussain is the nephew of Shaheed Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, the founder of the Baloch National Movement. Many of his family members have been targeted for their political views.

In 2012 Hussain fled Pakistan after receiving threats related to his reporting, and lived in exile in several countries before seeking asylum in Sweden in 2017.Mr.  Hussain's wife, Shehnaz, told a local daily that before going into self-imposed exile, her husband was being followed the threat to his life compounded after he exposed a powerful drug lord from Balochistan.  

Through Balochistan Time, which he managed along with his studies, Hussain has been highlighting and covering the human rights situation of Balochistan. Mr. Hussain has been one of the first journalists in the country who has been reporting on insurgency human rights abuses, missing persons, drug trade in the province

Mr. Hussain was living in Stockholm and decided to shift to a private student accommodation in Uppsala on 2nd of March because of his work and studies Due to his educational ambitions, he shifted to Uppsala on the 2nd of March and the same day he was disappeared.

As per Mr. Hussain’s brother no one has heard from Hussain since he boarded a train in Stockholm on March 2 to go to Uppsala, 70 kilometers north of the Swedish capital, to collect the keys to his new apartment. Mr. Hussain is said to have alighted from the train in Uppsala 45 minutes after it left Stockholm, however he soon went missing after reaching Uppsala.

As per his friends, after reaching Uppsala, Hussain remained in contact with them until around 2:00 pm when his phone went off and he was unable to be reached.

Mr. Hussain’s friends notified the police in Uppsala about his disappearance on 3rd March who officially registered a case on 5th march. The police is yet to provide any information on the well-being and whereabouts of Sajid Hussain to his family and friends.

Mr. Wajid Baloch, brother of disappeared Mr. Hussain has reported that the family waited out 14 days thinking that Sajid might have been stuck in quarantine somewhere, but they opted to break the silence after so many days had passed without any news of Hussain. His disappearance was also not reported on his website on the request of Swede authorities.

The Swedish police was approached through a Swedish NGO Missing People Sverige who pushed the police to file a case of disappearance. Though a case was registered, no evidence has come forth as yet.

Sweden stands at Number 3 in freedom of press ranking as opposed to that of Pakistan where it ranks at 142, Swedish authorities should make every effort to locate missing journalist Sajid Hussain Baloch and ensure his safety. The Swede authorities are expected to take action against the perpetrator of disappearance.  

Unfortunately the Pakistani journalist no longer feel safe in countries deemed as champion of human rights in the world. Mr. Waqas Goraya- a Pakistani blogger- who was disappeared three years ago and is currently living in self exile in Netherland was attacked in Rotterdam by two men on February 2020.

According to Mr. Goraya he was on the phone when a man appeared and began punching him in the face. He saw another man filming the attack. The men threatened to kill him and told him they knew exactly where he and his family live.

Mr. Goraya has also reported his family back in Pakistan to being subjected to harassment and threat by intelligence agencies.

The IHRC-HK is apprehensive that the flagrant violation of rule of law on Sweden’s soil would set an unacceptable precedent and would constitute a usurpation of Swede sovereignty. The IHRC therefore urges the authorities concerned to immediately take appropriate action against the disappearance

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