Free Karachi and Hyderabad from Sindh

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Karachi is Pakistan’s biggest and most populated city  and generating more than half of country’s revenue. Karachi has  provided employment to many middle class Pakistanis and is home for more than 20 million middle class . The people of Karachi pays more than Tax than any other part of Pakistan.

The Karachi has been continuously overlooked and unattended for its problem for many decades , over the years Karachi was  governed by political rivals and been target for sectarian violence. The current administration has no interest in problems of Karachi ,  People of Karachi wants justice for their future generations which is not possible with current political situation and hatred among the leader. 

We demand PM of Pakistan, chief of Armed forces and President of Pakistan to declare Karachi and Hyderabad as separate status of state under federal law and jurisdiction. Direct distribution of development funds, governance and administration from Prime Minister of Pakistan. Abolish quota system completely and implement merit