Don't Enter the Yemen War.

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The Middle East is going through an insane power struggle right now, the entire Arab world is in a state of chaos. The conflict has sectarian overtones. Arab history has been plagued with Sunni/Shia conflict, ideological, political and martial in nature. This conflict has spilled over in different countries that have historical political and cultural links to the Arab World.

This conflict has been further incensed with the rising to power of predominantly Sunni Saudi Arab and predominantly Shia Iran. These two nations have left no frontiers where they have not engaged in combat. They have been using proxies to counter each other's regional influence.

This war has spilled over into Yemen, Iran is supporting and providing assistance to Houthi Shia rebels while Saudi Arab has jumped into the fray to defend the current regime in Yemen. This has led to both the nations trying to quickly forge alliances in the international community.

Pakistan has aligned itself with the Saudi Arab led coalition which is bombing the rebels. Some in Pakistan want Pakistan to support Iran. This petition is aimed at stressing the government to reject both of these point of views. The Pakistani community lives in utmost sectarian harmony and so we do not need to support one country or the other based on a sectarian ideology.

Saudi Arab and Pakistan have shared a special relationship on the international sphere, on the flip-side we share a 909 km long border with Iran. It is pertinent that we stay neutral in the conflict and adopt a non-aligned policy akin to Jawaharlal Nehru's and rather play a role in facilitating negotiations between our friend and our neighbor.

Pakistan is still suffering from the after effects of involving itself in the Soviet War. I think we should learn from our experiences and refuse to be embroiled in any other conflict that can have long term and wide ranging adverse ramifications for Pakistan.

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