Ban Online Violent Games and Save our Future

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Many people, especially teenagers, play violent games online. We should put an end to intense and violent games because when people play these games, they become violent and aggressive. A suicidal game known as 'Blue Whale' went too far. It had 50 challenges starting from innocent ones and then it got more violent. There were tasks such as watch a horror movie, stand at the ledge of a building, carve a whale on your arm and the last one was to commit suicide. Another violent game that should be banned is PUBG that contains a lot of violent shooting. There was also a report on the news about two teenagers who were hooked on to PUBG and later committed suicide.

This petition is to raise awareness as well as get the relevant authorities to take necessary action to put a stop to such games that promote or induce violence and/or turn players into suicide victims.

By: Shanzeh Fatima Sahi ,

Grade 5 Green 

LGS Defence  Phase 1