Balochistan: Stop the crackdown against Balochi students and activists

Balochistan: Stop the crackdown against Balochi students and activists

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IHRC Hong Kong started this petition to Imran Khan (Prime Minister of Pakistan) and

The International Human Rights Council, Hong Kong (IHRC-HK) has received information that after the attack on Karachi Consulate General of China the crackdown against Balochi students and activists have intensified. Dozens of people were disappeared after their arrests, the night raids on the houses particularly, in the remote areas of the province.

 In the garb of controlling terrorism, the law enforcement agencies attack the Baloch youth who were demanding the right to education, provision of water, removal of armed men from the educational institutions and end to enforced disappearances,

 In the latest development the chairman of Baloch students organization (BSO), Mr. Zarif Rind, Secretary General, Changez Baloch, Secretary Information Mr. Aurangzeb Baloch, and several other members of  BSO were arrested on December 4, as they were returning after addressing a meeting on the issue of disappeared persons at the Quetta press club. Since then their whereabouts are unknown. The police refuse to inform about their custody with police. It is pertinent to note here that BSO is the splinter group of BSO Azad, because BSO wanted to disassociate itself from politics.

 Another student leader, Mr. Jiand Baloch, the Joint Secretary of BSO was arrested along with his father and brother from their home. Jiand Baloch was student of Bahauddin Zakaria University (BZU) Multan, Punjab. Jiand went to meet his parents in his native town, Quetta, capital of Balochistan.  Jiand was abducted along with his father Qayum Baloch and younger brother Hasnain Baloch on 30 November from their house in Quetta by security agencies. Since then their whereabouts are unknown as the men in uniform have taken them to unknown place. After his disappearance the protest at BZU started students of sociology department are boycotting the classes. The protest has now turned into rallies where the participants are chanting slogans against the abduction of Jiand and demanding his safe release.

 A Baloch activist from Panjgur city has been abducted from another city of Hub Chowki, Balochistan by men in khaki on November 30. He has been missing ever since.According to details received from the Balochistan Post, another person has been forcefully disappeared from Hub Chowki.

 Another activist, Mr. Mohammaed Ahmed son of Qadir Dad was abducted from a passenger bus near Daru hotel while he was traveling from Karachi to Hub on 30 November.

 The Balochs from across Balochistan’s several districts are being targeted for refusing to bow down.

 From Killi, Mengal Noshki district a young Baloch author and poet has gone missing after he was picked up allegedly by Pakistani security forces from his house. According to details, Raheem Zaam, who is a poet and novelist of Brahvi language, was forcibly disappeared after Pakistani security forces raided his house on November 29,

 On December 4, Pakistani Military forces raided a houses in Gwader Mondi area, the military personnel tortured women and children and abducted  Peer Jan son of Ameen.

 In Mand Maheer district of Balochistan on December 1, Pakistani Military forces conducted an operation, the personnel tortured women and children and abducted five Baloch civilians A.Wahid son of Adam,  Fida son of Ababagar, Hoti baloch son of M. Noor, and Dad Muhd son of Jan Mohammad.

 According to Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), a campaign group by families of victims, more than 40,000 Baloch men, women, and children are under Pakistani military’s custody. VBMP also alleges that at least 5,000 missing persons have been killed and dumped over last one decade.

 We urge the Pakistani authorities to stop crack down on the Baloch youth, students and activists, night raids at the houses, misbehavior with women and children during the night raids, enforced disappearances, torture during the custody and extra judicial killings.

 We also appeal to UN Working Group on Involuntary and Disappearances (WGEID) to help in safe recovery of disappeared persons.

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