Enough is Enough: Down with the shady protests, Blood on their hands.

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Today is the fourth day of a series of protests organized by some protesters against the Government of Nepal concerning Covid-19 response. The admins (organizers) have risked the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people directly by encouraging youths to participate in the protests and indirectly to all those elderly and anyone susceptible to the dangerous Covid-19 virus which is an ongoing pandemic worldwide with no cure seen for the next few months (at least till the end of 2020).

The admins of the group have violated the law of Nepal which forbids the formation of more than 25 people in public as per the epidemic disease law of Nepal. In the last 36 hours alone, there have been mass protests in the whole country which has risked the life of those innocent Nepalese already living in poor health condition with a very weak health system that can not take more than 10,000 patients with the number of Covid-19 patients crossing over 4,000 and is increasing everyday with at least 300-400 new cases each day. These protests have been claimed to be self-organised and peaceful but have a political agenda and is well orchestrated by those organisers of the protests. We strongly condemn the ongoing protests and measures must be taken by the State and Supreme Court to make it unlawful to hold protests during such pandemic when even the developed nations with well equiped facilities have shown high number of deaths and have knelt their knees down to the virus.

As a Nepali national, I can see this is going to break the country’s health system and economy and push us decades behind in development which our generations can’t afford after decade long Maoist insurgency. They are clearly aware of the risk of the pandemic and yet, they choose to risk the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people which our health system won’t be able to save if the community transmission occurs which is very likely to happen in a couple of weeks as seen by the nature of the Covid-19 virus. 

My request is to go ahead with online protest so that no one is at the risk of Covid-19 and the government can continue working on and better the measures of lockdown easiness with many other important issues to address at this crucial time. I call on all the people who believe the protests can be done online as they’ve been during the past when there was no need to maintain social distancing but now while the world needs to maintain social distancing, these organisers have clearly shown they’re aware yet want to risk the lives of all those innocent citizens. I understand this is second degree murder and they’ve blood on their hands. Hence, I request all the organisers to be put in jail as per the law and all these protests deemed illegal immediately.